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How to get your user manual

Get Your Manual Quick and Easy
We at Manuals Ink, LTD know why your here!
To find the User Manual you need!
So our goal is to make it as easy as possible to find your manual.
Every page on site is geared towards you finding the manual you need!
Then you can Download or get it Printed for you.
We will even look for the manual for you if you cant find it (using Cant Find link at bottom)

Locate Your manual using the links at the top or side of each web page.
Once you find the manual your looking for click on the DETAILS button.

Pick the way to get your manual, if you want a printed manual first select the size you want to get, we print manual in an easy to read FULL (large) size and a COMPACT (small) size.

After click on the previous BUY button you will be taken to the SHOPPING CART, here you can change how many manuals, keep shopping for other manuals.
Click on the CHECKOUT button to go to the payment page

The Next page is where you will put your billing and shipping information in.
If these two address are the same you only have to enter them one time and leave the button at its normal location of "Ship to my billing address"
All field OTHER than the extra address field must be filled in.
After entering your information click on the CONTINUE BUTTON

Each new customer will then be prompted to enter a password.
This will create a log in for our web site where you can view the status of printed manuals (shipped,tracking information etc), as well as give you access to a private library of all of the user manuals you have ordered, allowing you to download or view them again.

If you wanted to get your manual printed and shipped to you; select how you want us to ship your manual to you.

Last thing is to enter your Credit Card information (this page is secure and encrypted, so much that we are not allowed to see your credit card number).
After entering all the information click on the button at the bottom "CLICK HERE TO PAY WITH CARD"

How to download your manual.

After you have paid for your manual you are given access to download your manual via our web site, in addition to the initial download you also may revisit our web site if you made an account and retrieve your manual at a later date by visiting your Digital Goods.

After your order you will see a LARGE text link that says:

Download Your Manual in your Digital Goods by CLICKING HERE

Proceed by clicking on that link on your invoice, it will take you to your Digital Goods

Click on the Begin Processing button to copy the manual to your account

After a few seconds the button will change to Download Now; click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button to get your manual you will be prompted to Open or Save the file on your computer.

If you have any problems viewing your manual you may need to install a PDF reader such as the Free Adobe Reader CLICK HERE TO GET IT FROM ADOBE. After installing the reader click on the Download Now button again.

If you have any questions please visit our Support Pages to receive assistance, or contact our support department.