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Apple iPad Air (iPad 5) Tablet with iOS 7 User manual Total Pages in Manual:  131 

File Size:  24,838,010 bytes
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7 Chapter 1: iPad at a Glance
7 iPad Overview
8 Accessories
9 Buttons
11 SIM card tray
12 Status icons
13 Chapter 2: Getting Started
13 What you need
13 Setting up iPad
14 Apple ID
14 Setting up mail and other accounts
14 Managing content on iPad
15 Using iCloud
16 Connecting iPad to your computer
16 Syncing with iTunes
17 Viewing this user guide on iPad
18 Chapter 3: Basics
18 Using apps
21 Customizing iPad
22 Typing
26 Dictation
27 Searching
28 Notifications
29 Sharing
30 Connecting iPad to a TV or other device
30 Printing with AirPrint
32 Bluetooth devices
32 File sharing
33 Security features
34 Battery
35 Chapter 4: Siri
35 What is Siri?
36 Using Siri
38 Restaurants
39 Movies
39 Sports
39 Dictation
40 Correcting Siri
41 Chapter 5: Safari
44 Chapter 6: Mail
44 Reading mail
45 Sending mail
46 Organizing mail
46 Printing messages and attachments
47 Mail accounts and settings
48 Chapter 7: Messages
48 Sending and receiving messages
49 Managing conversations
49 Sending photos, videos, and more
50 Messages settings
51 Chapter 8: FaceTime
53 Chapter 9: Camera
53 At a glance
54 Viewing, sharing, and printing
55 Editing photos and trimming videos
56 Chapter 10: Photos
56 Viewing photos and videos
57 Organizing photos and videos
57 Photo Stream
59 Sharing photos and videos
59 Printing photos
59 Picture Frame
60 Importing photos and videos
61 Chapter 11: Photo Booth
61 Taking photos
62 Managing photos
63 Chapter 12: Videos
65 Chapter 13: Calendar
65 At a glance
66 Working with multiple calendars
67 Sharing iCloud calendars
67 Calendar settings
68 Chapter 14: Contacts
68 At a glance
69 Adding contacts
70 Contacts settings
71 Chapter 15: Notes
72 Chapter 16: Reminders
74 Chapter 17: Clock
75 Chapter 18: Maps
75 Finding locations
76 Getting directions
77 3D and Flyover
77 Maps settings
78 Chapter 19: Music
78 Getting music
78 Playing music
79 Podcasts and audiobooks
80 Playlists
80 Genius
81 Siri
81 iTunes Match
82 Home Sharing
82 Music settings
83 Chapter 20: iTunes Store
85 Chapter 21: App Store
85 At a glance
86 Deleting apps
87 Chapter 22: Newsstand
88 Chapter 23: iBooks
88 At a glance
89 Reading books
90 Interacting with multimedia
90 Studying notes and vocabulary lists
91 Organizing the bookshelf
92 Syncing books and PDFs
92 Printing or emailing a PDF
92 iBooks settings
93 Chapter 24: Podcasts
95 Chapter 25: Game Center
95 At a glance
96 Playing with friends
96 Game Center settings
97 Chapter 26: Accessibility
97 Accessibility features
97 VoiceOver
106 Siri
106 Triple-click Home
106 Zoom
106 Large Text
107 Invert Colors
107 Speak Selection
107 Speak Auto-Text
107 Mono Audio
107 Assignable tones
107 Guided Access
108 AssistiveTouch
109 Widescreen keyboards
109 Closed captioning
109 Accessibility in OS X
110 Chapter 27: Settings
110 Airplane mode
110 Wi-Fi
111 VPN
111 Personal Hotspot
112 Bluetooth
112 Cellular Data
113 Do Not Disturb & Notifications
114 General
118 Sounds
118 Brightness & Wallpaper
119 Picture Frame
119 Privacy
120 Appendix A: iPad in Business
120 iPad in the enterprise
120 Using configuration profiles
120 Setting up Microsoft Exchange accounts
121 VPN access
121 LDAP and CardDAV accounts
122 Appendix B: International Keyboards
122 Using international keyboards
123 Special input methods
125 Appendix C: Safety, Handling, & Support
125 Important safety information
127 Important handling information
127 iPad Support
128 Low-battery image or “Not Charging” message appears
128 iPad doesn’t respond
128 Restarting and resetting iPad
129 “Wrong Passcode” or “iPad is disabled” appears
129 “This accessory is not supported by iPad” appears
129 An app doesn’t fill the screen
129 Onscreen keyboard doesn’t appear
129 Backing up iPad
131 Updating and restoring iPad software
131 Sending, receiving, or viewing email
132 Sound, music, and video
134 iTunes Store and App Store
134 Learning more, service, and support
135 Disposal and recycling information
136 Apple and the environment
PageCount: 131
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