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Canon EOS REBEL T3i Camera User Manual Total Pages in Manual:  325 

File Size:  8,209,511 bytes
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Index to Features 8
Handling Precautions 14
Quick Start Guide 16
Nomenclature 18
Getting Started 25
Charging the Battery 26
Installing and Removing the Battery 28
Installing and Removing the Card 29
Using the LCD Monitor 31
Turning on the Power 32
Setting the Date and Time 34
Selecting the Interface Language 35
Attaching and Detaching a Lens 36
About the Lens Image Stabilizer 38
Basic Operation 39
Q Quick Control for Shooting Functions 41
3 Menu Operations 43
Formatting the Card 45
Switching the LCD Monitor Display 47
Feature Guide 48
Basic Shooting and Image Playback 49
A Fully Automatic Shooting (Scene Intelligent Auto) 50
A Full Auto (Scene Intelligent Auto) Techniques 53
7 Disabling Flash 55
C Creative Auto Shooting 56
2 Shooting Portraits 59
3 Shooting Landscapes 60
4 Shooting Close-ups 61
5 Shooting Moving Subjects 62
6 Shooting Portraits at Night 63
Q Quick Control 64
Shoot by Ambience Selection 65
Shoot by Lighting or Scene Type 68
x Image Playback 71
3 Creative Shooting 73
d: Program AE74
Setting the Image-recording Quality76
Z: Changing the ISO Speed 79
A Selecting the Subject’s Optimal Image Characteristics (Picture Style) 81
E: Changing the Autofocus Mode (AF Mode) 83
S Selecting the AF Point 85
Subjects Difficult to Focus87
MF: Manual Focusing 87
i Continuous Shooting 88
j Using the Self-timer 89
D Using the Built-in Flash 90
Advanced Shooting 93
s: Action Shots 94
f: Changing the Depth of Field 96
Depth of Field Preview98
a: Manual Exposure99
8: Automatic Depth-of-Field AE101
q Changing the Metering Mode102
O y Setting Exposure Compensation 103
Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) 105
A Locking the Exposure (AE Lock) 107
A Locking the Flash Exposure (FE Lock)108
Correcting the Brightness and Contrast Automatically (Auto Lighting Optimizer)109
Correcting the Image’s Dark Corners110
A Customizing Image Characteristics (Picture Style) 112
A Registering Preferred Image Characteristics (Picture Style)115
B: Matching the Light Source (White Balance) 117
2 Adjusting the Color Tone for the Light Source119
Setting the Color Reproduction Range (Color Space) 121
Mirror Lock-up to Reduce Camera Shake122
Shooting with the LCD Monitor (Live View Shooting) 123
A Shooting with the LCD Monitor 124
Shooting Function Settings 128
z Menu Function Settings129
Changing the Autofocus Mode131
MF: Focusing Manually 138
Introduction 2
Item Check List 3
Conventions Used in this Manual 4
Chapters 5
Contents at a Glance 6

Shooting Movies 141
k Shooting Movies 142
Shooting Function Settings 149
Setting the Movie-recording Size 150
Using Movie Digital Zoom 152
Taking Video Snapshots 153
Menu Function Settings 157
Handy Features 165
Handy Features 166
Silencing the Beeper 166
Card Reminder 166
Setting the Image Review Time 166
Setting the Auto Power-off Time 167
Adjusting the LCD Monitor Brightness 167
Creating and Selecting a Folder 168
File Numbering Methods 170
Setting Copyright Information 172
Auto Rotation of Vertical Images 174
C Checking Camera Settings 175
Reverting the Camera to the Default Settings 176
Turning the LCD Monitor Off/On 179
Changing the Shooting Settings Screen Color 179
Setting the Flash 180
f Automatic Sensor Cleaning 184
Appending Dust Delete Data 185
Manual Sensor Cleaning 187
Wireless Flash Photography 189
Using Wireless Flash 190
Easy Wireless Flash Shooting 191
Custom Wireless Flash Shooting 194
Other Settings 198
Image Playback 201
H I Searching for Images Quickly 202
u/y Magnified View 204
b Rotating the Image 205
Setting Ratings 206
Q Quick Control During Playback 208
k Enjoying Movies 210
k Playing Movies212
X Editing a Movie’s First and Last Scenes 214
Slide Show (Auto Playback)215
Viewing the Images on TV 218
K Protecting Images 222
L Erasing Images 224
C Shooting Information Display 226
Post-Processing Images 229
U Creative Filters 230
S Resize 233
Printing Images 235
Preparing to Print 236
Trimming the Image 243
W Digital Print Order Format (DPOF)245
W Direct Printing with DPOF 248
Customizing the Camera 249
Setting Custom Functions 250
Custom Function Settings 252
Registering My Menu 258
Reference 259
Using a Household Power Outlet 260
Remote Control Shooting261
External Speedlites 263
Using Eye-Fi Cards 265
Function Availability Table According to Shooting Modes 268
Menu Settings 270
System Map 276
Troubleshooting Guide278
Error Codes287
Specifications 288
Safety Warnings297
Software Start Guide 301
Software Start Guide302
Quick Reference Guide and Instruction Manual Index 305
Quick Reference Guide306
Index 318

PageCount: 325
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